A New Beginning For 1400 UCSI Students

A New Beginning For 1400 UCSI Students

This year's Inauguration Ceremony (Orientation Day) for September intake students gathered 700 new students at the Grand Ballroom at Le Quadri Hotel. 

And while 700 students were present, this intake UCSI has nearly 1400 new students joining us! 

Beginning the ceremony, as usual, were performances by the Institute of Music students. This time, Ng Yun Han and Shieh Yann Wen performed 'Malaguena' and 'Leave a Tender Moment Alone'. The solemn Student Pledging session followed, which was conducted by the Student Council President Darren Anthony John.

Vice-Chancellor and President of UCSI University Academician Senior Professor Dato' Dr Khalid Yusoff then came upon the stage, to which he requested everyone to stand and proclaim the words' Merdeka', thrice, as a reference to the recent Merdeka Independence Day.  

'Sayangi Malaysia, Malaysia Bersih, dan Salam Maal Hijrah. For our new students and parents, welcome to UCSI University,' he said. 

'For our new students, you know that you have all worked hard for this day, and here you are achieving your ambition, a big congratulations to yourself. 

'University, as you realize, is not a mere progression as from primary to secondary school. Here the expectations for new students are much more. You need to be more independent, resourceful, be able to work with lecturers and friends, keep up with deadlines of projects and assignments and to go to classes, labs and seminars. 

'Not only that, but there are also Student Clubs and Societies activities and even the Cooperative-Placement programme. All this requires a desire from you to perform at your utmost. It requires energy, enthusiasm, and maturity.

'And above all, it requires time management. With proper time management and appropriate priorities, your time with us will be short and sweet, and most of all, enriching'. 

The Vice-Chancellor then expounded that a university is not just a place of knowledge - but also a place where you reflect, think and develop your sense of the world, what it ought to be, and what your role in it is. 

"A university is a place where you develop lifelong friendships and relationships, and as the world is becoming smaller, you will realize how lucky you are. A third of you come from around the world. Get to know and connect with them - it will be a good opportunity for you in the future to maintain global connections,' he quipped.

To all new students, you are in a university now; this is your launching pad for your future. And your future is what you make of it.  Go beyond; Be ProfoundMake a difference.

Below are some stories we got from the new students and the reason why they decided to study their subjects here at UCSI University! 


Joyce and Kerk Zheng Tan 

I'm 19 years old, and no, we're not twins. But we were born in the same year. I was born in February, and my brother was born in December, about ten months apart. 

I am currently studying for my Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance at UCSI University. Today's our Orientation day.

My parents told me to pursue this because my mom owns an accounting business and hopes that I will take over her company one day. 

If I could have chosen any other degree, it would have to be the Actuarial Science and Finance degree programme as my first choice. My mom's paying for my degree anyway, so it doesn't matter, and I don't want to get into a fight with mom! 

I want to look around the clubs and societies and expose myself to new things - most probably a sports club or 'something with movement', as I'm a very active person. I almost got into the National Team for Tchoukball (also known as Gentleman's ball) where during the World Championship, I was a substitute player. 

My advice to the future me in 3-4 years’ time when I graduate is: don't look back; you know you are happy with who you are. Keep moving forward and if you do find something you like, don't be scared. You are afraid for now, but you won't be later when you find out what you have. 

Him: I'm 19 years old, and I am studying Diploma in IT. I've always had this passion for IT and want to do software engineering. Hopefully, I will make it to Silicon Valley and work with Google or Apple. 

I chose UCSI because of its location - we both live at Cheras. I also like the environment here, back when we first visited the campus. Other than my studies, I hope to join the Badminton and the Entrepreneurship club.  

My advice to the future me is: without commitment, we wouldn't start, and without consistency, we wouldn't finish. 

Her: We've been stuck together since we were born. From the day that we were born to primary school, then secondary school, and now at university. It is nice, but I also do wish we were not in the same building, on the same floor, and the same faculty! 


Khalid Khaddar, 21

I come from Somalia, and I am studying the Communications and Electronics degree programme.

I chose this degree because the world is changing technologically at a rapid pace. I wanted to promote Somalia's status and reputation and help improve the communications infrastructure there. My dream is to create a global communications company, and I hope to achieve that goal. 

My message to my Somalian friends and family is that - I will study hard. And if they have the chance to study in Malaysia, I will tell them to come to UCSI University. One of the reasons why I chose to study at UCSI University is because it is considered as one of the best universities in Malaysia. 

Besides that, I can't wait to explore Langkawi, Johor Bahru (where my friends are at) and head to the nearest beach! 


Amni Nur Qamarina, 19 

I am from Sarawak actually, and I am of mixed descent, Iban and Melanau blood. 

I am studying a BA (Hons) Logistics Management degree. I decided to explore this because I felt like I was more practical, than a theoretical person.  

My dad is also in this field, in the oil and gas sector and knows a wide range of people in the industry. 

And no, he didn't force me to take this degree, I had wanted to do this on my own and follow my father's footsteps. Alternatively, if I had to choose an alternative degree, it would have been Business Administration. 

Believe it or not, this is my first and only choice for my degree after I did my Pre-University studies at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. 

UCSI has a logistics degree - and it is also near my house. And compared with Monash and Sunway University, the prices are much more affordable. 

I hope that in the next three years, I will be graduating from UCSI with a first-class honours degree, and be certified under the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) qualification. 

On a side note, I want to join a cultural club, as I am not a sporty person. Is there any yoga club here? Cause I would love to join that. 


Lobna Ashraf Gad, 18

I'm 18, and I am from Egypt. 

My dream in life is to be a graphic designer, although I am unsure of which company to join for. I feel that I do good motion graphics work for videos - I need to learn more and become a professional, hence why I decided to take the Diploma in Design especially since I like to draw and feel that I have more creativity in doing drawings over the computer. I heard that UCSI University in Malaysia was good for both graphic design and engineering degrees, from what my friends tell me. It's ranking also helped me make my choice. 

To all my Egyptian friends and family - send me your confidences and encouragement! I will be somebody big someday!