Multidisciplinary Case-based Study

The Multidisciplinary Case-based Study (MCS) describes the collaboration between UCSI University and industry partners to improve efficiency in processes concerning operation, business planning, and research and development.

With guidance from their academic advisor, students will work closely with organisations to develop solutions for a real-life case and situation. This provides them with work-ready skills like problem solving, critical analysis, and strategic planning.

In turn, industry partners benefit from unconstrained access to academic expertise, fresh approaches and innovative solutions to address their current concerns, and recruitment opportunities.

Success Stories

Adding It Up with Averis Sdn Bhd

Four students were recently selected for the Premier Co-Op at Averis Sdn Bhd. Founded in 2006 to provide a set of common services to the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) Group of Companies, Averis supports a growing business that is worth USD 15b in assets with a 50,000-strong combined workforce. UCSI’s students were challenged to improve operation processes in the organisation and they successfully pitched their solutions to the company's top management. This is what they each had to say about their time at Averis.

Ann Marie Pang
BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

"This experience has not only given me the opportunity to experience the daily tasks of an accounting analyst, but also allowed me to get involved in improving the process of their job instructions. I got to work with different levels of management and was able to learn the different perspectives on handling a situation and working with environmental constraints. Overall, my time at Averis enabled me to enhance my accounting knowledge and improve my communication and critical thinking skills."

Nicole Ng Swee Yin
BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

"At Averis, I had to work on a few assignments at the same time - organising events, preparing proposals and presentations for the management, implementing the proposal once approved, and getting involved in the operations of the company. This helped my develop my multi-tasking skills and improve my interpersonal and time management skills. I am grateful to UCSI for facilitating this opportunity which has strengthened my work experience and provided me with critical exposure to the working environment."

Phuah Yin Mei
BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

"The Premier Co-Op was a very different experience from the other internships that I had completed as it required me to come up with my very own proposal to improve the company's operations. Following which, I had to present my work to the mangement so I had to work on my presentation skills as well. I also learned how to process invoices using the SAP system and to organise events. Most of the time, the ability to multi-task was important so it was a lesson in managing my time effectively."

Tang Sing Sing
BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

"The Premier Co-Op provided me with a good platform to gain valuable exposure to real-world problems and issues that cannot be experienced in classrooms or textbooks. Apart from getting to put my knowledge into practice, I also learned new skills such as how to use the SAP system to process various types of invoices and to enhance my communication and teamwork skills which are vital for working effectively and efficiently in an organisation. This has helped immensely in building my self-confidence."

Collaboration Opportunities

UCSI welcomes enquiries from organisations who are interested to be a part of this experience. The targeted areas to explore are: